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We hope you can find everything you need right here but if not, please do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will do our best to find exactly what you are looking for and with you as quickly as possible

The Snugglebundl is used and loved by thousands of parents. It is a soft, snuggly baby wrap with handles that acts like a hammock to which supports the neck and allows you to lift your baby straight into your arms without stress and without waking them and cuddle them for as long as you like


  • One size. Use from new born to 6 months using the fold at the feet. As long as you can lift your loved one you can use it for taking out of car seats etc
  • Fully supports baby’s head, neck and body
  • Supports your back and helps with post birth recovery
  • Takes the stress out of handling your baby
  • Strong, soft padded handles (tested to 30kgs/66lbs)
  • Rest assured– It is fully safety and crash tested to EU/US standards
  • No need to carry car seats or leave your baby in one for too long
  • 100% soft, cosy cotton
  • Very versatile – use as a play matt or even as a breastfeeding cover
  • Machine washable to 40 degrees, tumble dry and iron safe
  • Wrap your baby for a cosy nap using the tie on the side
  • Loved by parents and recommended by baby sleep experts, midwives, chiropractors

Funky Spots Snugglebundl Baby Blanket

  • The Snugglebundl is 100% safe for your baby

    • Fully European safety tested
    • Total support for baby’s head, neck and body (watch video)
    • Strong padded handles (tested up to 30kg/66lbs)
    • Ties securely to snuggly wrap your baby
    • Soft protective padding in the head area and under the hood
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